Grooming Services

dog lodgingGrooming package

For our Full Service Grooming, our professional groomer will devote 2+ hours on a haircut, shampoo, condition, and a blowout. Teeth brushing, cleaning of the ears, a nail trim, and a sanitary trim are also included in the Full Service Grooming package. Every dog leaves happily with a perfume spray and a bandana!  Pricing varies based on the size of the dog, the behavior while grooming, and the condition of the dog’s coat prior to grooming.

Grooming package starts at $65 and varies from there

Grooming Extras

Nail Trim: $15
Dog Nail Polish: $5
In a color of your choosing from our collection.

Blueberry Facial: $5
Calming facial that reduces tear staining and enhances coat color.

Feather Flair: $7
In a color and style of your choosing.

Face and Sanitary Trim: $10
Trim around the eyes, mouth, and privates.

Self-Serve Dog Wash Station

$20 / hour each

Tired of the back and knee pain, not to mention the mess, of washing your dog in your tub? Use our self-serve dog wash, where everything is provided and we clean up the mess! A clean dog is a happy dog!

Our self-service dog wash includes:

  • elevated tubs
  • elevated grooming table
  • waterproof aprons
  • shampoo
  • fluffy towels
  • pet safe dryer

All dogs are $20.00 per hour, regardless of size, coat type, and coat length/condition.

*Aggressive dogs are charged an additional $25

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