Meet the Team

Sherry Wareing

  • Hospice nurse
  • I have owned the Twin Mountain Cottages for 5 years
  • I am a pet CPR and first aid instructor
  • Family is my love
  • I love all animals

Rachel Allen

  • I am a groomer
  • I am from Long Island, NY
  • I still groom in long island when I can
  • I have 2 cats of my own
  • I am CPR and first aid certified for cats and dogs

Hayden Walters

  • I once lived with up to 11 dogs
  • I was born with 11 toes and 11 fingers
  • My hobby is reselling shoes
  • I own 2 purebred dogs, a golden retriever and german shepherd
  • I used to run cross country in high school

Madison Force

  • My favorite animal is dogs
  • I have 2 dogs and 3 cats
  • I am studying animal care in college
  • I love hiking
  • I am very adventurous